At I-Kandy, we pride ourselves on our custom tattoo designs, memorial pieces and the belief that getting a tattoo or piercing should be more than just an appointment; it should be an experience. If you have a testimonial you would like to share, email it to us at info@i-kandytattoo.com, and we will post it here!


Yesterday, I had my first tattoo & I was very impressed with the design Crystal came up with during our
consultation meeting! She did an excellent job and I love the end result. Crystal was very professional and she’s a
talented artist! I would recommend her to others looking for their first tattoo or if you’re looking for an artist with
attention to detail if you’re looking to have more work done!

-Lorna S.


“Hello, on Saturday the 12th I got a monroe piercing done by Mihela, & I just wanted to say I was really impressed by her knowledge & her kindness. She was very friendly, & she did really well in helping me to relax before the piercing. All in all; I left very impressed, even by the friendliness of the reception staff, who were patient with me with my lack of knowledge on the piercing names haha. You guys rock! “

- Hannah H.


“I-kandy is simply the best tattoo and piercing parlor in Langley. Out of 5 shops I visited, they had the upper hand in cleanliness, visual use of the area and very kind of body modification artists. They pride themselves on their sterilization techniques of which i witnessed for the very first time, preformed by Catra who say’s that most of the ecological community do not approve of materials used. (Honestly you walk on a piece of grass and they scream at you) The experience was the best I had so far, they where kind and as I was about to faint during the application of the tattoo, I was given a mars bar and some water to raise my blood sugar back up. They really do have well-trained employees who aren’t your typical corporate robots. My artist was suggested by Kathy who was a very kind help during the process. As a blogger, I highly recommend this establishment.”

- Jean-Phylipe Thériault


“I’ve gone to I-kandy for two tattoos, big tattoos and they were done by Chip. They are the best tattoos that I have out of all my tattoos. It was a great experience and I will for sure go back, I actually made another appointment today with Chip. He has great ideas and mad skills. I get a lot of compliments about the tattoos too. I went to the tattoo convention when it was at the Langley Events Center and Jay (another artist from I-kandy) was doing a piece on a guys leg, it was a photo of Clint Eastwood and it looked like another photo. They are great and friendly, if you are thinking of getting a tattoo or looking for a new artist I highly suggest I-kandy and Chip.”

- Shawn