Congratulations, you have just received a beautiful new tattoo from a trained professional, through the use of sterile equipment, clean and barriered surfaces, and careful consideration to design. Now it is your responsibility to take appropriate care of your new investment, your tattoo!

1) Remove the bandage as per your artist instructions.
2) Wash gently (with clean hands) using your fingertips and the lather from soap and water. Remove all ointment applied at your tattoo session. DO NOT apply the bar of soap directly to your new tattoo!!
3) Let the tattoo air dry.
4) Apply a small amount of tattoo aftercare (as discussed with your artist). If you can SEE IT on your tattoo – you’re using TOO MUCH. Always use aftercare sparingly! No more than 2-3 times a day.

5) Shower as normal, being aware of the water spray on your new tattoo. Keep the water from spraying it directly. Do not have any tub baths for 15 days, or until all the dry healing skin has disappeared.
6) Do NOT soak in hot tubs, sit in saunas, hang out in whirlpools, or any other moist, hot situations like this for 30 days.
7) DO NOT TAN FOR 30 DAYS. Cover your tattoo with clothing when outside.

Your skin is unique to you and you only. Your buddy’s tattoo will heal differently than yours. The location, amount of surface area and skin type are all factors of healing. Listen to your artist and always… listen to YOUR ARTIST. As the tattoo industry evolves through knowledge, we gain more information about applying this craft and healing. Old methods that have worked in the past are just that, most times old and outdated. Always remember that besides education, common sense goes a long way, be gentle and caring with your new tattoo and it will make you proud for years to come!

If your tattoo is below the knee, keep off your feet & elevate them as much as possible to avoid swelling. Make sure your clothing is loose and not sticking to your fresh tattoo; it should be smooth, not scratchy, etc. If you are diabetic, please talk to your artist, as different healing procedures may apply to you. STAY OUT OF STANDING WATER!! Pools, ponds, lakes, etc. are breeding grounds for bacteria. Don’t soak your new tattoo!!

Six (6)! Weeks of healing is required before touch-ups, which are always done at the ARTIST’S discretion. You must come into the shop and show your tattoo to your artist (please call 604-532-1188 to see if your artist will be able to spend a moment with you that day) before a touch up is booked in as an appointment. We DO NOT book touch-up appointments over the phone. Don’t pick or scratch your tattoo, and don’t re-bandage it. Don’t use any blood thinners (anti-coagulants) or drink alcohol (especially red wine) for 48 hours before your tattoo appointment.