Shop Polices

At I-Kandy, health and safety are of the utmost importance to us for the protection of our staff and clients. Our standards exceed the requirements set out by Health Canada in every category, with redundancies built into our system to minimize the hazards to our staff.

For those interested, we have outlined in brief our cleaning and sterilization process. If you ever have any questions about how we sterilize our tools, please feel free to talk to any of our knowledgeable staff.

When our tools get used, they start the cleaning cycle by going into a bath of a cold sterilization chemical to reduce the risk of disease being spread from the point of use. After they soak in this bath, they are placed in an ultrasonic cleaner, which is basically a machine that sends high frequency sound waves through a chemical solution to create miniature “implosions” of any organic materials that may be on the tools.  The tools are then rinsed and air dried, before being bagged with sterilization indicators and autoclaved. The indicators show that at the end of the sterilization cycle the conditions required for sterilization were met on the inside of the bag.  Our autoclave goes through regular testing and maintenance to ensure that everything is in working order at all times. We do monthly spore testing as well.

I-Kandy Studio Policies are as follows:

  • Please refrain from taking any photographs, cell phone pics or video without approval from the artist. Thank you.
  • You must be 18 and have valid ID to be tattooed.
  • Shop minimum is $90
  • No tattooing under the age of 18 (we changed this policy from 16 with parent signature and ID in November 2007).
  • ALL tattoo appointments require a MINIMUM non-refundable cash deposit of $50; to be paid AT THE TIME you reserve your appointment. If you are booking many hours of tattoo time you will be required to increase your deposit to $50 per hour. Many consultations may be necessary to perfect the design, please be patient, communication between the artist and the client is very important. This deposit gets applied to the final price of the tattoo, or can be carried over if you have multiple sessions booked. If you wish to book a consultation we can do that for you as well, the deposit required for the consultation appointment will be carried over to the tattoo session, and then either carried over to subsequent sessions or taken off the final price of your tattoo. If you need to cancel your appointment we require a minimum 48 hours notice, and we will hold the deposit for the next appointment booked (please be sure to keep your receipt !!). If you no-show your appointment you risk losing your deposit.
  • Certain changes and alterations at the TIME OF YOUR TATTOO APPOINTMENT may require rescheduling of the appointment to allow for re-design. These alterations may also change any quoted prices.
  • To be pierced you must be 16 and have valid ID. (picture of you, with your legal name and your date of birth.) If you are under 16 you must have a parent sign for you, and they must produce a driver’s license. As well the child should also have ID, a birth certificate will suffice.
  • All piercings are on a walk-in basis.