Mihela started piercing fresh out of high school and worked in 5 different studios before finding her cozy little spot at I-Kandy. Piercing for her has always been much more then an occupation, it is a rite of passage into a world she never had the opportunity to explore within the environment she grew up in. When Mihela discovered body modification as a method of self healing, she devoted all her time and energy to getting into the industry and surrounding herself with like minded people.

“My goal as a piercer is to enlighten people and provide them with a taste of magic and ritual they may not get an opportunity to experience otherwise. Getting pierced often opens up a part of a person they couldn’t access before. I want people to leave my chair with more then just a pretty new metal addition to their body.

In our society, pain is viewed as such a negative thing. From a very young age we are taught that we should mask pain and alleviate it in any way possible. We have learned to mistake the alleviation of pain for healing, even though experiencing pain and overcoming is vital to our healing. I strive to give my clients a safe and comfortable environment to match their outsides to their insides, to heal, and to find whatever it is they were looking for in their experience of being pierced. I am happy to be able to work in an industry with the capability to promote such universal consciousness”