New Piercing Policies…


Hi everyone, we have some new piercing policies that we would like to share with you:

-For sanitary reasons; all jewellery insertions must be done by one of our piercers in our piercing room. We do not allow jewellery to be inserted by clients in our bathroom or any other area of the studio.

-During the piercing procedure, all pictures are taken at the discretion of the piercer. We do not allow any videos to be taken, no exceptions.

-Piercing clients are allowed to have one (1) friend in piercing room during piercing procedure.

-Female nipples are considered genitals. You must be 16 and have valid ID to have your nipples pierced. We do not accept a parent’s signature for female nipples or any other female genital piercing.

-Male nipples are not considered genitals; so you may have a parent sign for you if you are under 16. Male genital piercings howerver follow the same rules as female genitals. You must be 16 with valid ID and sign for yourself. No parent signature for underage genital piercings, no exceptions.

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